Ranking Your Website

Getting your website on page 1 in the search engines is critical if you want traffic/customers. No point having a website unless you get traffic to it.

We provide the following services:

  • PPC: Pay Per Click using Google Adwords
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

The PPC method provides an instant listing result and is a good way to get traffic fast, but it can work out rather expensive pending on your competition, but it can have great results. If you stop PPC, your adverts are no longer displayed.

The SEO method is slower to get to page 1, but once there, it requires very little work to keep it there. If you stop the SEO work, your list will stay there until your competition pushes it down which may take months depending on your competition.

PPC & SEO can be quite complex but if done correctly, it is the perfect marketing tool for getting results. We can work within your budget regardless of size.

Looking forward to helping you get the top ranking